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Treatment Room

Treatment Room

Lets see what we can do…

Get immediate help with minor illnesses and injuries:

Pharmacists can also advise on minor illnesses and injuries:


Alternatively you can visit the following:

If you wish to get advice or see a Nurse or Doctor, please visit our Consulting Room.

Use the NHS app to access a range of NHS services on your smartphone or tablet.

Self care is about looking after yourself in a healthy way. It can be anything from brushing your teeth, doing some exercise, managing common conditions (like headaches, colds and flu) or living with a long-term health problem, such as asthma or diabetes. Find out more

Consulting room

Consulting room

How can we help you?

For Forms, Medicals, Test results and Certificates please visit Reception.

For Health reviews, including Asthma reviews and Smoking cessation please visit our Long Term Conditions room.

For Appointment types available, please visit our Appointments page.

Self care is about looking after yourself in a healthy way.

Speak to someone now – Call NHS 111.

Call 111

Call 111 at any time, 24 hours a day. You will speak to NHS professional staff who will help guide you on any medical issue.
Calls are free from landlines and mobiles. 111
Get fast help from a Pharmacist with minor cuts, sprains, aches, colds, headaches, rashes, cystitis etc.

Visit a Pharmacist

  • No appointment necessary
  • Many pharmacists have a confidential area
  • Open till late and at weekends
See a Nurse about blood tests, dressings, support to help you stop smoking, new patient health screens, ECG’s, flu injections, blood pressure checks, urine testing and health promotion.

Contact a Nurse

Book an appointment on the phone0203 667 1850
Get medical advice and treatment from a Doctor.

Contact a Doctor

Book an appointment on the phone0203 667 1850
Walk in centres, minor injuries and urgent care services

Non-GP services, alternatives to A&E and out of hours services

COVID-19 Support Room

COVID-19 Support Room

How can we help you?

If you think you might have coronavirus or you’ve been in close contact with someone who has it visit NHS 111 online coronavirus service for advice.

Well-being while staying at home

Taking care of your mind as well as your body is really important while staying at home because of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Visit NHS Every Mind Matters for advice, practice advice and support groups.

If you cannot wait to see a doctor and feel unable to cope or keep yourself safe, it’s important to get support.

Get urgent support now.

Keeping Active

To stay fit and healthy whilst at home, try the NHS Home workout videos.

Advice for patients with pre-existing conditions

Advice for Vulnerable Patients

Wellbeing Centre

Wellbeing Centre

Lets see what we can do…

Bereavement and death at home

Bereavement and death at home

If a relative or someone you care for has died, please read on to see what you should do

If Death Occurs At Home

Telephone the surgery to give further information. A medical professional will need to confirm that death has taken place and so a visit is likely to be required from a GP. If the death was unexpected, it is likely that the coroner will need to be informed, please let the surgery know if this is the case.

Contact a funeral director.

Arrange to collect the Medical Certificate of Death (usually from the surgery).

Take this to the Registrars’ Office, (together with the deceased’s Medical Card and Birth Certificate, if available) for the area in which the death took place. Alternatively you can register by declaration at any convenient Registrars Office but certificates will not be available as these will have to be posted to you a few days later.

Note For Cremation

Your funeral director will usually liaise directly with the surgery regarding the additional certification required.

Further information

For more information about what to do after someone dies visit

Dying Matters

Blood Tests

Phlebotomy Clinic (Blood Taking)

At this present time we are experiencing a shortage of Nursing time and are having to prioritise what our Nurses are able to do. We have a phlebotomist available to take bloods, but if you feel you need this performed sooner than the next available appointment, you have the option to attend the blood clinics at the hospital.

The surgery holds phlebotomy clinics (blood taking) on:

Tuesday 1.30pm to 3.30pm
Friday 9.15am – 12pm

Wednesday 9am-12pm
Wednesday 2pm – 3.30pm

Please phone the surgery to book an appointment and please remember to bring your blood form with you otherwise the phlebotomist will be unable to take your blood.

Blood tests available directly at the hospital

Watford Blood Clinic

  • 9.00am – 4.00pm Monday
  • 12.00 – 4.00pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday*

Hemel Hempstead Blood Clinic

  • 8.30am – 4.30pm Monday to Wednesday
  • 12.00 – 4.30pm Thursday and Friday*

St Alban’s Blood Clinic

  • 8.30am – 4.00pm Monday, Thursday and Friday
  • 12.00 – 4.00pm Tuesday and Wednesday*

Blood Tests for Children

Children over 5 can have blood tests taken by our phlebotomist in the afternoon. Children under 5 can have their blood tested by appointment at the following hospitals.

  • Watford – Tuesday morning – 01923 217726
  • Hemel Hempstead – Monday to Friday
  • Barnet – 0845 111 4000

Evening Appointments

For details about other hospitals for blood tests including evening appointments, visit Royal Free Hospital website

Breast Screening

Breast Screening

Breast Screening Service
Deansbrook House
Edgware Community Hospital
Deansbrook Road

0208 951 4045

Women over 65 can self refer if non-symptomatic on the above number – they will need their NHS 10 digit number.

Women over 50 will be called when it is time for their Surgery to be recalled – sometimes this can be between the ages of 50 and 53- this happens when their surgery has just been recalled.

Once over 50 patients can telephone the above and can book directly with the service.


Age UK

Age UK is the country’s largest charity dedicated to helping everyone make the most of later life. We believe in a world where everyone can love later life and we work every day to achieve this.

0800 169 2081

Find out more

Carers Health Checks

Carers are entitled to have an annual Health check. At the beginning of the year we will write to all our carers, if you have not received a letter then please book an appointment with our Health Care Assistant (HCA).

0203 667 1850

Carers in Hertfordshire

A charity giving support and information to carers.

Find out more

Carers UK

They’re here to make sure that no matter how complicated your query or your experience, you don’t have to care alone.

020 7378 4999

Find out more

The Children's Society

As part of The Children’s Society, the Include Programme reaches out to young carers from all communities through our national and local programmes, helping voluntary and statutory services supporting young carers.

Find out more

Hay fever

Treatment - Steroid nasal sprays

Steroid nasal sprays help to prevent or reduce inflammation in the lining of the nose and some can help to relieve watery eyes.

Available from your local pharmacy.

Treatment - Decongestants

Decongestant nasal sprays and tablets are used to unblock the nose.

Available from your local pharmacy.

Treatment - Eye drops

Eye drops can be used to treat itchy or watery eyes.

Available from your local pharmacy.

Treatment - Antihistamines

Antihistamines help to relieve a runny nose, sneezing, itching and watery eyes.

Available from your local pharmacy.

Further information

For more information about hay fever and how to treat it visit

NHS Choices – Hay fever

Child Health

Children’s Centres

Find your nearest children’s centre:

Hertsmere Children

Child Development

All partners provide child health surveillance in conjunction with our Health Visitors. We will notify you of any checks that your child is due under this programme. Children will normally be invited for assessment.

Find out more

Chicken Pox

Chickenpox is a mild and common childhood illness that most children catch at some point. Find out more

Hand Foot and Mouth Disease

Hand, foot and mouth disease is a viral infection that can affect young children. Find out more


Head lice are tiny insects that live in human hair. They’re particularly common in children. Find out more

Fever in Children

A fever is a high temperature. As a general rule, in children, a temperature of over 37.5C (99.5F) is a fever. Find out more

Further information

From warts and measles to chickenpox and tonsillitis, find out how to recognise some of the most common childhood conditions NHS Choices – Childhood Illness

Slapped Cheek Syndrome

Slapped cheek syndrome is a viral infection that’s most common in children, It usually causes a bright red rash to develop on the cheeks. Find out more

When should I Worry?

View the following leaflet for your guide to Coughs, Colds, Earache & Sore Throats.

Find out more

Drugs and Alcohol

Alcohol Services in Elstree

Find your nearest local Alcohol Services to Elstree.

Find out more


If you’re worried about your own or someone else’s drinking, you can call this free helpline, in complete confidence.

0300 123 11103

Further information

For more information about the benefits of drinking less, top tips and more visit NHS Choices – Drinking and Alcohol
Alternatively, for more information on how drug misuse can be harmful to your health visit NHS Choices – The Effects of Drugs

Talk to Frank

If you have a problem with drugs Talk to Frank for friendly, confidential drugs advice.

0300 123 6600

Talk online

Elderly Care

Age UK

Age UK is the country’s largest charity dedicated to helping everyone make the most of later life. We believe in a world where everyone can love later life and we work every day to achieve this.

0800 169 2081

Find out more

Bereavement support

Grief is a natural response to loss. Although some people decide not to access additional support to help them through what can be a difficult time.

Find out more


Parkinsons UK provide expert information on every aspect of Parkinson’s so that people affected by the condition can stay in control of their lives.

0808 800 0303

Find out more

End of life care and planning ahead

End of life care and planning ahead

Our GPs are always happy to talk to you or your relatives about making preparations and planning for end of life care. This can be a difficult subject to discuss, but we aim to do this in a supportive and caring manner to help you and your relatives make these important decisions.

Dying Matters

The website Dying Matters  has a wealth of information about preparing for end of life

Dying Matters – Planning Ahead

Dying Matters – Leaflets

Dying Matters – Advice and Support


BeeZee Bodies

BeeZee Bodies are passionate about helping children and families get healthy and find things they love to do! Find out more


Barnet Hospital Maternity Care

View information on maternity care at Barnet Hospital including how to self refer.

Find out more

Watford Hospital Maternity Service

The Maternity Service provides antenatal and postnatal care for approximately 7,000 women. This level of activity makes the Maternity Service at Watford General Hospital one of the biggest within England.

Find out more

Planning your Pregnancy

If you’re planning on getting pregnant, you can improve your chances of conceiving and having a successful pregnancy. Follow these steps

Further information

Whatever you want to know about getting pregnant, being pregnant or caring for your new baby, you should find it here – NHS Choices – Your Pregnancy & Baby Guide

Mental Health


Viewpoint is a user involvement charity in Hertfordshire for people with mental health or drug and alcohol problems.

Find out more

Hertfordshire Partnership Trust Well being team

Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust is committed to providing excellent health and social care for people with mental ill health, physical ill health and those with a learning disability.

Find out more

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)

Specialist Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) are delivered across the whole of Hertfordshire. The service treats emotional and behavioural problems in children and adolescents.

Find out more


If something is troubling you, call Samaritans free, 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

116 123

Find out more


Information and Support for all mental health issues. Mind Infoline

0300 123 3393

Find out more


Help, information and support for all those affected by mental illness. Find out more

Further information

For more information about mental health, ways to cope with it and more visit NHS Choices – Mental Health

Signpost Counselling

We offer free and confidential counselling, coaching and other support  to 10-25 year olds in Watford, Hemel Hempstead, Berkhamsted, Rickmansworth, South Oxhey and Borehamwood. Visit the website

The Wellbeing Service

The Wellbeing Service is designed to help you work out how to feel better. It is part of the national initiative Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT). Find out more

Minor Injuries

Hertfordshire Minor Injuries Units

Minor injuries units (MIUs) are common across the country and are staffed by specially trained and highly experienced emergency nurses and technicians who can treat a wide range of injuries that would otherwise have to be seen in hospital A&E departments.

There are three minor injuries units in Hertfordshire:

Find out more

Self Help

Self Help

Self care is about looking after yourself in a healthy way. It can be anything from brushing your teeth, doing some exercise, managing common conditions (like headaches, colds and flu) or living with a long-term health problem, such as asthma or diabetes. Find out more

Sexual Health

Sexual Health clinic

The Nursing team are available by appointment from 9am – 6pm. Please make an appointment with reception and come to the clinic to discuss any concerns you may have.

0203 667 1850

Sexual Health Hertfordshire

For sexual health information in Hertfordshire.

Find out more

Family Planning Association

They are a sexual health charity. They give straightforward information and support on sexual health, sex and relationships to everyone in the UK. Find out more


Brook provides free and confidential sexual health and wellbeing services for nearly 250,000 young people UK-wide, each year. Get advice now

Sexual Health Help Line

The Family Planning Association Sexual health help line can give you confidential information and advice 0845 122 8690

Further information

For more information about Sexual Health topics including a contraception guide visit NHS Choices – Sexual Health

Get confidential advice

We provide confidential advice to young people on general health matters, contraception and sexual health.

Appointments can be made with our Practice Nurses or with your own GP.

Emergency Contraception is available for 13 – 19 year olds free of charge at local chemists.

Further Information

Find out about Chlamydia, what it is, how to prevent it and treatments. NHS Choices – Chlamydia

Stop Smoking

Smokefree Hertfordshire

In Hertfordshire there are over 300 local stop smoking services across the county offering professional specialist advice to support to you with your quit attempt. Our stop smoking specialists offer friendly and non-judgemental 1-1 support weekly for up to 12 weeks (or group support at workplaces).

Find out more

Get Support Now

Choose from an app, Quit Kit, email, SMS and face-to-face guidance. Sign up now

Further information

For more information about the benefits of stopping smoking, top tips and more visit NHS Choices – Stop Smoking

Warfarin and NOACs

Warfarin and NOACs

Information about Warfarin and NOACs. Read more

Weight Management

Weight Management Clinics

Being overweight can affect seriously your health. We can refer you to a slimming group free of charge for the first few sessions. We can refer you to a local Gym via the exercise on a prescription scheme. Please make an appointment with either a GP or Nurse for further information.

0203 667 1850


Sign up to MyHealth to find out your health score. Create a personalised plan to improve yourself in just 12 weeks. Join over 120,000 already taking the free health check.

Find out more

Beezee Bodies

We run loads of programmes designed to help you and your family make small changes which will make a big difference.

Find out more

Am I a Healthy Weight

Calculation your BMI using this NHS Choices Tools

Get started on the nhs 12 Week Weight Loss Plan

The plan is designed to help you lose weight and keep it off. Get started now

Want to get more active

Get help and advice from NHS Choices including 10 Minute workouts, 12 week fitness plan, running & cycling for beginners and much more. Get help now

Weight Watchers

Meetings, Online or a little bit of both. We’ve got options and support, whatever your lifestyle. Find out more

Slimming World

You’ll find delicious recipe and menu ideas at your local group, along with all the help you need to get started and reach your target weight. Find out more

Further information

For more information about the benefits of losing weight, top tips and more visit NHS Choices – Weight Loss

Health Review and Assessment Clinic

Health Review and Assessment Clinic

Here we can help you monitor your condition

Send us some health information

Prescriptions and Medicines Centre

Administration office