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Understanding Your Test Results

  • Satisfactory, no action needed
  • Already dealt with
  • Reception to contact patient, not urgent
  • Final results still awaited, check back later

You might see any of the above comments when looking at your test results online. We thought it would be useful to explain what these comments mean to avoid confusion.

Satisfactory, no action needed

We use this term rather than ‘normal’ because often there are values that are outside the ‘normal’ range given by the lab. However, this often doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong at all. Your GP will have reviewed your results and is happy that no further action is required.

Already dealt with

Sometimes you may have already discussed a particular result with another GP or consultant, or action has already been taken with regards to your tests. You do not need to do anything else.

Reception to contact patient, not urgent.

This is a message from a GP to our reception team so that they can contact you with a specific message, for example to repeat a test or make an appointment. This will not be an urgent mater and you should wait 2 weeks to hear from reception with the specific advice. If you have not heard after 2 weeks, please call reception in the afternoon to discuss.

Final results still awaited, check back later

This is the case for example with urine results. We usually get a preliminary result, but the final result confirming an infection, for example may take a few more days to come through to us.