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Prospective Online Records Access

You are likely aware that NHS England have determined that from 1st November 22 all patients will have complete prospective access to their medical records, with surgeries being required to enable this en-masse. This instruction also includes automatically provisioning prospective access for patients who turn 16 years of age.

Whilst we wish to support the principle of patient access, we are currently providing access in a manner that we determine to be safe (i.e. with third-party data redacted), in order to minimise the risk of data breaches pertaining to other individuals named in patient records. We also have significant concerns about the risks relating to safeguarding of vulnerable adults and children, and the risk of harm that may result if/when patient data is revealed to third parties under coercion or threat.

We, and many other practices, have raised these concerns with our patient records data processor, and they have advised us that they will not be making any changes to the access to patient records, until there is a clearer and safer path forward for this. They are currently in dialogue with NHS England regarding an appropriate way forward with this.

We WILL continue to enable individual-level patient access upon request, when we are sure the notes concerned have been appropriately and safely redacted, in order to protect and safeguard our most vulnerable patients.

We thank you for your understanding.