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Sleeping Tablets for Flying Policy

We are unable to prescribe sleeping tablets, such as zopiclone, to treat fear of flying.

Sleeping tablets are medicines which make you sleepy and relaxed. There are several reasons why healthcare practitioners at Schopwick Surgery do not prescribe these medicines for flying:

  • If an emergency were to occur on a flight, being under the influence of this kind of medicine would worsen your ability to react.
  • By being sleepier, you will move around less. This increases your chances of suffering a blood clot, such as a deep vein thrombosis (DVT), which can be fatal.
  • Although zopiclone makes most people who take it sleepy, in some rare situations it can have an opposite effect, and make people aggressive or agitated, which would be dangerous on a plane, and may lead you to suffering legal consequences.
  • Being able to sleep while flying can make the flight more comfortable and easier, however this isn’t necessarily a medical need and generally shouldn’t prevent ability to fly.