Subject Access Request

Photo ID will be required when you collect the records.

Please note: This service can take up to 28 working days; if your provide a mobile number we can text you once the notes are ready to collect.

When requesting for children under 14 we require proof of parental responsibility e.g. birth cert or adoption certificate.

Aged 14 to 18 will need to provide their photo id upon collection.

Subject Access Request

Identity of Individual About Whom Information is Requested

Please use date format DD/MM/YYYY
If you would like to view a summary of your medical records, please complete an “Online Services” form. This will be processed within 2 weeks and you will then be able to log on to account and view a summary of your records, you can also print and share the data from your account if needed.

You do not have to give a reason for applying for access to your health records. However, please could you provide details regarding details of the information you require to access. Such information would be time periods and elements of your health records, along with details which you may feel have relevance i.e. consultant name, location, written diagnosis and reports etc. Please use the space on the following page to document this information:

If you are the patients representative, please give details here