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Information about local Covid-19 vaccination centres

The NHS Covid-19 vaccination programme is now underway and is starting to be rolled out in GP-led vaccination centres. The information below answers some of patients’ key questions about getting the vaccine.

When will I be getting the vaccine? 

People in the top priority groups, agreed by the independent Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation, will get the vaccine first. More information about how the vaccine will be rolled out to people in order of priority, starting with those who most need protecting from the virus, is in the Why do I have to wait? leaflet.

The vaccine is being provided first of all for patients aged 80 and over as well as staff from care homes. Vaccinations in the Hertsmere area for the first eligible groups of patients will start from the first week of January.  Patients need two doses of the vaccine 21 days apart.

How will I be invited for an appointment? 

We will contact you to invite you to book your appointment when it is your turn. You will need to book an appointment for both your first and second dose.  

Please DO NOT contact surgery to try to make an appointment before you hear from us. This will allow our staff to focus on helping patients needing medical help as well as starting to contact patients about vaccine appointments when we’re able to do so.  Practice staff are not currently able to give you any more information than we have provided here.

Where will I be getting the vaccine?

Your vaccine will be in a local vaccination centre that is run by local GPs. The Pfizer vaccine is safe and highly effective, but it is complex to move, store and prepare and so can only be given in vaccination centres that meet particular requirements.

There will be one vaccination centre serving Hertsmere residents. All vaccination centres must be in places that are easy for people to get to. The NHS will announce more details a little closer to the vaccination centre opening and more information will, of course, be provided to patients at the time of booking.

Will housebound and care home patients be able to have the vaccine at home in the same way as for the flu vaccine.

We will be making arrangements to offer the Covid-19 vaccine in people’s homes and in care homes for people who are unable to get to a vaccination centre.

However, we can’t confirm when that might be as this may have to wait for supply of the right type of vaccine. This is because only some vaccines can be transported between people’s homes.

You can also find more information about the vaccine on the NHS.UK website

Patients registered with Theobald Medical Centre in Borehamwood will be via Schopwick Surgery to book their COVID-19 vaccination as part of support arrangements between the two practices.

In line with national roll-out plans, residents aged 80 and over as well as people living and working in care homes as well as health and care workers, will be the first to be contacted by the NHS to book their vaccine. The NHS is prioritising those groups that the Joint Committee for Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) and government has decided will benefit the most.We ask patients to support Schopwick Surgery and other practices in the smooth roll-out of the vaccination programme by waiting to be contacted to book an appointment rather than calling them.

Everyone in the priority  group of eligible patients is being contacted over the next few days and weeks to book their vaccine at the GP-led vaccination centre at Allum Hall. We expect the pace of vaccination to increase significantly over the coming days and weeks and for more appointments to be offered to patients as vaccines supplies come in.

 Further details about the vaccination programme is available on the Herts Valleys Clinical Commissioning Group website.