Changes to Warfarin Prescriptions

As you know, if you are taking warfarin you need to have regular INR blood checks to make sure that the dose is right.

To ensure your safety and to make sure we are prescribing safely we need you to inform us of your latest INR blood test result and the date it was taken before we can issue your prescription.

Make sure that you

  • Write this information on written prescription requests
  • Give this information online when you order through our website or online
  • Inform the pharmacist if you order through the chemist.

Unless we have this information we will not be able to prescribe warfarin as we must make sure we are doing this safely.

For patients who do not have an artificial heart valve or do not have kidney problems you may wish to consider some of the newer blood thinning tablets. If so please make an appointment to discuss this with your doctor – you can read more on