Appointment Types

Routine Appointments

Routine Appointments may be booked up to 5 weeks in advance with the Doctor of your choice. It is better to see the same Doctor for the same illness.

Routine appointments are booked at 10-minute intervals. If you come with more than one problem, there will be less time for each, and your Doctor may ask you to choose the most important problem for that consultation. If you anticipate needing a longer consultation, ask the receptionist for a double appointment.

You are always welcome to make a routine appointment with a different Doctor, if you choose to do so, or need a sooner appointment.

If your problem cannot wait until the next routine appointment available, there should be some appointments available within a few days.

Urgent Appointments

If you need to be seen before the next routine appointment, you may be seen during the next surgery. Only ask for such an appointment if you genuinely cannot wait until the next routine appointment.

What happens when we have no more appointments available

If you feel you cannot wait for the next available appointment and we have no further appointments left, the receptionist will ask for a contact number so that a doctor will call you to help decide if it is a matter that can wait or not. If the doctor feels you need to be seen urgently, they will make arrangements with you to be seen. They may however advise you to make a routine appointment if they agree with you that the problem can wait.

Doctor Telephone Appointments

All GP appointments, can now be booked by a patients as a ‘telephone appointment’.
Booked by the receptionist, you will be asked for your telephone number for the GP to be able to contact you. Unfortunately we are unable to give patients an actual time that the GP will call.

This must be something that you feel can be dealt with over the telephone. If you need to be examined then this is not suitable for a telephone consultation.

Please tell the receptionist that you require a telephone appointment. The priority will be the same as face to face appointments.