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Are you a carer?

You are a carer if you provide help and support, unpaid, to a family member, friend or neighbour who would otherwise not be able to manage

The person you care for may have a physical or learning disability, dementia, mental health problems, may misuse drugs or alcohol or may be ill or frail. The person may live with you or elsewhere, may be an adult or a child but if they rely on you for support, then you are a carer.

Anyone can become a carer: Carers come from all walks of life, all cultures and can be of any age.

Benefits of Registering as a Carer at your GP Surgery

We as a practice are dedicated to offering you as much help & support as needed & we work very closely with Carers in Hertfordshire in order to achieve this Once registered as a carer we can offer you if required:

  • Flexible Appointments
  • Flu vaccination
  • Information & Support
  • Referral to Carers in Hertfordshire

To register as a Carer at the surgery

Please complete the Register as a Carer form so that we can register you as a carer on our clinical system:

To be able to share information regarding their care the person you care for may complete a Consent to Share Information form online: