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Privacy Policy and Acceptable Communication Usage terms

  1. This policy was last modified on 10/11/16
  2. The website Schopwick Surgery is
  3. I understand that I choose to make use of the electronic communication service with Schopwick Surgery.
  4. I confirm that I have read and understood the information regarding the safety and security of the forms on this website.
  5. I understand that any electronic communications from me will only be seen by staff at Schopwick Surgery and that any communication will be added to my clinical notes in the same way that any written communication would be
  6. I understand it is my responsibility to inform the surgery of any changes to my email address or mobile phone number and that Schopwick Surgery is not responsible for onwards use or transmission of email or text messages once it has been received by me.
  7. I give permission for my email and mobile phone number to be used by Schopwick Surgery to communicate with me about relevant issues regarding my health. Schopwick Surgery may wish to contact me in the future regarding any forthcoming appointments, reminders about my treatments including medications and health promotion.
  8. I understand that there is a possibility (however small) that my emails and the responses could be intercepted and read by someone else. I will bear this in mind in deciding how much information to seek and how much information to disclose by email.
  9. Schopwick Surgery advises me to use a private email address (rather than a shared business or family address) to contact the surgery.
  10. I understand that if I require urgent clinical advice or attention I should contact the surgery by telephone or in person.
  11. I understand that under no circumstances will Schopwick Surgery pass on my personal contact details to any other third party without my express permission.