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Policy for Private Scripts

Requesting an NHS prescription for medication recommended by a private consultant

Following your appointment with your private specialist, you may be prescribed medications or treatment. You may wish to receive this prescription via your GP on the NHS. We have clear guidelines regarding this situation and your specialist will have been informed of these guidelines.

As a general rule, you should be able to meet the costs of all treatment advised by your specialist. We will however, provide an NHS prescription for treatment prescribed or recommended by your specialist when the following criteria are met:

  1. Schopwick Surgery have received a legible (preferably typed) letter from the specialist with details of the medication (a copy of a private prescription will not be sufficient)
  2. The treatment is available on the NHS
  3. The treatment is in line with with our local medication formulary which can be found at

Once we receive the typed letter, we will provide a prescription within 2 working days in line with our policy on all repeat medication requests.

If you require the medication before this time, you will need to ask your specialist for a private prescription that can be obtained at your expense.

Any requests for medications on the NHS that do not meet the above criteria will be directed back to your specialist.

You are always entitled to continue using any medication advised by your private specialist via private prescriptions.