Non NHS Services

Table of Charges (June 2019)

(anything not listed, patient must bring form to access before giving cost.)

  • Patients are expected to pay for these services.
  • Medicals must be paid for on booking appointment.
  • Payments must be made by card

There is a charge made for examinations, reports and claim forms which are not covered by the NHS. Any private paperwork can take up to 3 weeks (15 working days) and sometimes longer for completion depending on the complexity and GP capacity. Patients will be only contacted on completion, if stated on the paperwork.

Please ask at Reception for up to date costs, alternatively see the table below:

Certificates and Reports
Private Sick Note£20.00
To whom it may concern£20.00
Blue badge/freedom pass£35.00
Sick Note for “permanent health insurance”£35.00
Public entertainment£35.00
Private Health Insurance Form£35.00
Holiday cancellation report£35.00
Fit to fly£35.00
Schools fee insurance£110.00 without examination
£150.00 with examination
Freedom from infection certificate£75.00
Report for employers/Insurance Company£110.00 without examination
£180.00 with examination
Report for prospective insurance prescriber£110.00 without examination
£180.00 with examination
Copy of recordsSee Subject Access Request
PSV, HGV, & Cab driver examinations
(If you wear glasses or contact lenses, please bring your actual opticians prescription to your examination.)
£110.00 without examination
£150.00 with examination
Racing driver examination£110.00 without examination
£150.00 with examination
Elderly driver fitness certificate£110.00 without examination
£150.00 with examination
Driving Report£110.00 without examination
£150.00 with examination
Seat belt exemption£110.00 without examination
£150.00 with examination
Diabetic/Elderly Report£110.00 without examination
£150.00 with examination
Medical Examinations
Pre-employment£110.00 without examination
£150.00 with examination
Emigration£110.00 without examination
£150.00 with examination
Sport£110.00 without examination
£150.00 with examination
Scuba diving form£110.00 without examination
£150.00 with examination
Young person travel, Ofsted£40.00 without examination
£110.00 with examination
Adoption£110.00 without examination
£150.00 with examination
Travel immunisation  – per vaccine (not available on NHS)£60.00
Vaccines ordered for Patient (ie Japanese encephalitis)£60.00
Meningitis ACWY (Non practice patients)£60.00
Certificate of immunisation (Cholera or Typhoid)£20.00
Private prescription for travel abroad£20.00
Holiday cancellation report£35.00
Fit to fly£35.00
Power of Attorney£110.00
Assessment of capacity£120.00
Solicitor reports£100.00 within 10 days
£210.00 if within 2 days
Photocopies for solicitor£50.00
Private Patients
Home visit£180.00
ECG recording£180.00